ABS PMMA sheet machine

ABS PS PMMA Sheet Extrusion Line

ABS HIPS PMMA sheet extrusion line can be used to produce refrigerator sheet, sanitary sheet.

ABS PMMA sheet making machine

ABS HIPS PMMA sheet extrusion process

Single screw extruder-co-extruder-screen exchanger-dosing pump-calender-cooling roller-plastic sheet cutter-stacker

ABS HIPS PMMA sheet application: 

ABS / HIPS Sheets/Board:

Have extremely strong low-temperature toughness, impact resistance, chemical stability and good performance. Are mainly used in the refrigerators’ / freezers inner layer, drawers, doors’ inner; water pans, water dispensers’ inner liner & door; etc.

ABS / PMMA Sheets/Board:

Is co-extruded by ABS and PMMA, not only the strongly impact resistance of ABS, but also the high-gloss & rigidity of PMMA; has good molding Vacuum, high temperature & low temperature resistant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good mechanical processing performance;

Used for bathtub, shower room, wash basin, steam room, etc.

ABS PMMA PS sheet extrusion line parameters

Co-extrusion LayerA



Products Width1200-2000mm
Products Thickness1-6mm
Capacity (Max.)300-500kg/h