PP PE PVC corrugated pipe machine

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine备份

Tongsan is one China most experienced Plastic PP PE PVC EVA Nylon Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers with more than 20 years experience.

PP PE PVC PA Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

This Single Wall Corrugated Pipes are widely used as Electical Conduit Pipe, Washing Machine Drainage Pipe, Kitchen Sink Pipe, Wire Cable Management Pipe, Medical Pipe etc.

Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Machine Model

Pipe diameter 5.5mm-16mm 9mm-32mm12mm-50mm32mm-110mm
Model of extruderSJ45SJ50SJ65SJ65
 Production capacity20-30kg/h40-50kg/h 60-70kg/h70-90kg/h
Power of extruder7.5kw15kw30kw37kw
Power of forming machine1.1kw1.5kw4kw4kw
Pairs of modules42pairs50pairs50pairs72pairs
Cooling modeWind&Water coolingWind&Water coolingWind&Water coolingWind&Water cooling
Production speed6-10m/min8-12m/min8-12m/min2-8m/min

High Speed Corrugated Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine Model

Pipe diameter rangeID5-OD14mmID9mm-OD50mm
Model of extruderSJ45BSJ65B
Production capacity20-30kg/h60-80kg/h
Power of extruder7.5KW30KW
Power of forming machine1.1KW4KW
Pairs of modules63 pairs72pairs
Cooling modewater coolingwater cooling
Production speed10-20m/min20-25m/min

PP PE Flexible Corrugated Pipe Production Line Running on Exhibition

TOGNSAN PP PE PVC Nylon Corrugated Pipe Production Line Workshop

Corrugated Pipe Machine Manufacturers

TONGSAN PP PE PVC PA Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line is one famous brand.

We have installed our machine and help our customer start their business in 80-100 countries of the world!

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