WPC Extrusion Machine

WPC Extrusion Machine备份

WPC Extrusion Machine is Wood Plastic Composite Production line, It use new or recycled PP PE PVC to produce Profile, Board etc products.

PlasticFormulationFinal Product
PVC10%-30% wood powder or natural fiber, 70%-90% PVCDoor Frame, Door Board, Furniture Board, Decoration Board, Wall Panel etc
PP/PE50%-70% Wood powder or natural fiber, 30%-50% PP/PERailing, Fencing, Decking, Flooring, Pillar, etc

WPC PE/PP Profile Extrusion Process:

WPC extrusion process

Qingdao Hegu Wood Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one leading WPC Machine Manufacturers in china manufacturers. Our Wood Plastic Composite Profile and Foam Board and Door Panel Extrusion Line.

Our machine running at Exhibition.

Meanwhile, We can provide Turn Key project and complete process for WPC Extrusion. For Example:

1.Wasted Plastic Recylcing Machine

2. Wood Powder Making Machine (Wood Chipper, Wood Milling Machine, Wood Powder Dryer)

3. Mixer

4. Granulating Machine

5. Extrusion Line

6.Surface Processing Machine (Sanding, Brushing, Embossing, Engraving, Laminating, Painting etc)