PP Corrugated Sheet Printing Machine

PP Corrugated Sheet Printing Machine can do Single Color Printing and Multi Color Printing on PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet and PP Corrugated Box.

The Printed Hollow Corrugated Sheet is widely used as advertising board and Packaging Box etc.

printed pp corrugated sheet

Single Color Printing Machine

This Printing Machine can print single color on the PP Hollow Profile Sheet. It use screen printing.

This machine could equip with manipulator and dryer to improved printing efficiency.

PP hollow corrugated sheet printing machine

Multi Color Printer

Multi Color PP corrugated sheet Printing Machine can achieve 2color-7 color printing on PP Corrugated Box.

This Multi Color Printing can do PP Corrugated Sheet Die Cutting as well.

pp corrugated sheet printing machine

Customer can choose single color printing machine or multi color printing machine according to market requirement.

PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line