Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

Plastic Profile Extrusion Line can produce PVC UPVC profiles, and PP PE PS ABS Nyon Profiles for construction, decoration, packaging, and home appliances field.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Process:

Extruder-Mould-Clibrating Table-Haul Off Machine-Cutter-Stacker

 Plastic profile extruder

Extruder According to the material to choose use single screw extruder or Double screw extruder, and confirm the suitable L/D ratio

Mould Use high quality mould, ensure the mould life, multi cavity mould can be designed according to profile size

plastic  profile extrusion process

Calibrating Table Equipped famous brand vacuum pump and water pump, good profile forming and fast cooling, length 4m-6m-8m-10m

Haul Off and Cutting Machine Accroding to profile shape, choose the suitable haul off roller, special designed roller for special shape profile

According to material difference, the plastic profile extrusion line can choose single screw extruder or double screw extruder.


Single screw extruder plastic profile production line model

Drive Motor15kw30kw45KW

Double screw extruder plastic profile production line model

ModelProfile Width(mm)ExtruderMax. Capacity(kg/h)Motor power(kW)
YF180180SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/11080-120/120-15018.5/22
YF400400SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55
YF600600SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55