2 Cavity PVC UPVC Electric Pipe Extrusion Machine

PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Extrusion Machine can produce Max.16-63mm PVC Pipe, 2 pieces pipe extrusion at the same time. This Machine can also produce PVC drainage pipe, water pipe.

2 Cavity PVC UPVC Electric Pipe  Extrusion Machine

2 cavity PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Production Process:

Raw Material Mixing-Feeder-Extruder- Die Head and Mould- Vacuum Calibration & Water Cooling Tank-Double Haul Off and Cutting Machine- Stacker

2 Cavity PVC Electric Pipe Production Line Model:

ModelPipe diameter (mm)Extruder typeProduction speed(m/min)Capacity (kg/h)Installed power (kw)

TONGSAN PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Features:

1. Powder feeder: It is made of high quality stainless steel. It has the characteristics of high pressure and corrosion resistance. It can transport PVC powder well.

PVC Pipe Machine

Conical Twin Screw Extruder Forced Feeding, Bimetallic Coated Screw, Vacuum Exhaust System

PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

Moud 2 caivty Mould, 45# Steel, quenched and tempered. It can keep low temperature when extrusion

PVC Pipe Production Line

Vacuum Calibrating Tank: High Quality Stainless Steel, Fast Calibrating and Cooling, water circulation is automatically

2 cavity PVC Pipe Machine

Double Haul Off and Cutting Machine Speed of each piece pipe could be controlled seperately