kitechen sink pipe making machine

Basin Pipe Extrusion Machine

TONGSAN Factory is China Basin Pipe Extrusion Machine Manufacturer and Supplier . Basin Pipe is widley used in Kitchen Sink and Washing Basin Drainage.

PP Basin Pipe Production Line is Consists of:


Single Screw Extruder for PP extrusion, Good Quality Gear Box, ABB Inverter Control

Die Head and Core Bar

Mould Chain

High forging density, Mining machinery standard, not easy to change the shape.

According to the length of this pipe, we will calculate how many pairs mould should be used.

Forming Machine (Corrugator)

High Quality Base Plate, Corrugator equipped with Water Cooling and Fan Cooling

Special Designed with Vacuum System

Auto Shrinking Machine

This PP Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe Extrusion Line is one kind Compromise Joint Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line, It can produce PP PE EVA Corrugated Pipes. These Pipes is widely used as air-conditioner drain hose, washing machine drainage pipe, medical pipes, wash basin drain pipe.

Features of TONGSAN Basin Pipe Extrusion Equippment

  • Long history-Tongsan started to manufacture single wall plastic corrugated pipe machine since 1997.
  • Enough Experience-Thousands sets of machine has been running in market and bring profit to our customers
  • Timely Service-  Tongsan Sales Team and Technician Team will provide you timely service for machine installation, technical supporting and problem solving.
  • Professional Single Wall Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine Plants and Factory

Below is our Single Wall Plastic Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Workshop.

Corrugated Pipe Machine Manufacturers

Below is our machine running on Chinaplas.