correx sheet extrusion machine

PP Correx Sheet Extrusion Machine

PP Correx Sheet Extrusion Machine can produce 1220-2800mm Width PP Correx Sheet.

Correx Sheet is widely used in Printing, Packaging, sign board, advertising, construction, electricity, automobile, cargo transportation, food, decoration, stationery, medicine industry

PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet Machine

PP Correx Sheet Extrusion Line Model:

Model Sheet Width Sheet Thickness Production Capacity (kg/h)
TS-1400 1250mm 2-6, 8-12mm 170-190
TS-1860 1700mm 2-6, 8-12mm 190-250
TS-2300 2150mm 2-6, 8-12mm 260-300
TS-2600 2450mm 2-6, 8-12mm 300-350
TS-3000 2800mm 2-6, 8-12mm 350-400

According to thickness and GSM, Capacity is changeable.

We also provide formulation, machine layout, power, water and air consumption. Welcome your inquiry.

TONGSAN PP Correx Sheet Production Line Features:

pp mixer

Special Designed Mixer can mix Virgin PP, Recycled PP, Crushed Material and masterbatch automatically.  It will save labor.

Screw Feeder can load granules and Crushed material directly.

Special structure screw can make sure the material fully melted. Can work with high percentage Filler.

pp twin wall sheet making machine

T-Die adopts high-quality alloy steel and throttling device to ensure even pressure of feed influent at the mould lips, and also differential action of up-down piece guarantee even thickness of the plate. 

High quality mold with precision thickness control (Accurate to 0.1mm)

Calibrating Table

Unique designed water channel and vacuum channel ensure the fast cooling and high speed calibrating.

Calibrating plate is automatically lifting.

Equipped with security lock to protect workers when air failure.

correx sheet machine

Haul Off Machine

1st haul off machine use 6 pairs roller

2nd haul off machine use 3 pairs roller.

Rubber use high quality nitrile rubber.  Long life.

correx sheet extrusion machine

Corona Machine

For better printing, we adopt China best quality corona machine, can achieve 50-60Dyne

Cutting Machine

correx sheet making machine

TONGSAN is high quality PP Correx Sheet Making Machine Manufacturer in China.  Below is our machine running video, please check.

TONGSAN also provide support and solution for different application of PP Correx Sheet, such as printing, box making.

  1. Die Cutting Machine
  2. Printing Machine
  3. Ultrasonic welding machine/Riveting Machine
  4. PP Collapsible Box Making Machine