PP PE flexible corrugated electric conduit pipe making machine

Plastic Flexible Corrugated Electrical Conduit Pipe Making Machine

Flexible Corrugated Electrical Conduit Pipe Making Machine can produce PP PE PVC electrical conduit and electrical cable protection corrugated pipes.

flexible electrical conduit corrugated pipe machine

Features of PVC PP PE Flexible Corrugated Electric Conduit Pipe

Single wall corrugated pipes have features of strong thermo-stability, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high intensity, good flexibility, etc.

PVC PP PE Flexible Corrugated Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine is Consists of:


Single Screw Extruder for PP and PE extrusion, Good Quality Gear Box, ABB Inverter Control

Conical Twin Screw Extruder SJSZ-51/105 for PVC Powder

single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line

Die Head and Core Bar

Mould Chain

High forging density, Mining machinery standard, not easy to change the shape.

Our standard mould chain is consist of 50 pairs mould for normal speed machine.

For high speed machine is 72 pairs, details please check our machine model.

Forming Machine (Corrugator)

High Quality Base Plate, Corrugator equipped with Water Cooling and Fan Cooling


Single Position winder and Double position winder are available according to customer requirement.

corrugated drainage pipe production line

Flexible Electrical Conduit Corrugated Pipe Making Machine Model

Pipe diameter range5.5mm-16mm9mm-32mm12mm-50mm32mm-110mm
Model of extruderSJ45SJ50SJ65SJ65
 Production capacity20-30kg/h40-50kg/h 60-70kg/h70-90kg/h
Power of extruder7.5kw15kw30kw37kw
Power of forming machine1.1kw1.5kw4kw4kw
Pairs of modules42pairs50pairs50pairs72pairs
Cooling modeWind&Water coolingWind&Water coolingWind&Water coolingWind&Water cooling
Production speed6-10m/min8-12m/min8-12m/min2-8m/min