corrugated flexible pipe machine

Corrugated Flexible Pipe Machine

Corrugated Flexible Pipe Machine using speical Die Head and Mould, it can produce PP PE PVC PA Corrugated Pipes.

Plastic Corrugated Pipes is widely used in electric conduit, cable protection, drainage, washing machine drainage, etc field,

Plastic Corrugated Pipe Production Process:

Extruder-Die Head and Core Bar-Mould-Corrugator (Forming Machine)-Cutting Device-Winder

Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder

Extruder with vacuum feeder and dryer hopper

Die Head and Core Bar And Mould

single wall corrugated pipe die head and core bar
single wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine manfuacturer
corrugated flexible plastic pipe machine

Corrugated Pipe Forming Machine (Corrugator)

corugated flexible pipe making machine

Winder / Coiler

single position winder and double position winder

plastic corrugated flexible pipe extrusion line

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine Model

Pipe diameter range (mm)4.5-99-3216-5050-110 High speed (9-50mm)High Speed  (4.5-11mm)
Main machine modelSJ-45 LSJ-50SJ-65LSJ-65SJ-65SJ-45
Production capacity (kg/h)10305010060-8020
Extruder motor power (kw)7.51518.537307.5
Forming machine motor power(kw)
Qty of mould pairs425050727263
Production speed m/min6-108-128-122-7 20-251-20

Our machine adopt Italy and Germany Corrugated Plastic Pipe Extrusion Technology. Please contact us freely to get more details.