PP Hollow Profile Sheet Machine

PP Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing Process

Today I will introduce the PP Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing Process. How to Produce PP Corrugated Sheet and What is the Formulation of PP Corrugated Sheet.

PP corrugated box manufacturing machine

About PP Corrugated Sheet

PE PP Corrugated Sheets, Corrugated polypropylene sheets, also known as twin wall sheets or multi wall sheets, are durable and light weight. Produced in a continuous extrusion process

Formulation of PP Corrugated Sheet

The main formulation of PP Corrugated Sheet is Polypropylene PP, normally it is a mixing material of home-polymer and Co-Polymer.

To save cost, manufacturers ofen add Filler and Recycled PP.

According to different use of PP Corrugated Sheet, People add some other materials. Such as Electrostatic agent , Flame retardant etc

First Step, Raw Material Mixing

Mixer Virgin PP, Recycled PP, Filler, Mastbatch Mixing together accoding to certain ratio.

Second Step, PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion

Third Step, Waste Material Recycling

PP Corrugated Sheet Crusher


Crushed PP Corrugated Sheet can be reused directly

Other necessary Machines for PP Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing Process

  1. Water Chiller
  2. Air Compressor

Plastic PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line Model and Parameters:

Max.Sheet Width1250mm1700mm2150mm2450mm2800mm
Max Output(kg/h)170-190kg/h190-250260-300300-350400-450kg/h
Motor Power(KW)75-9090-110110-132132-160132-185