Sanding Machine for WPC Door Panel

This WPC Sanding Machine is mainly used for WPC Door Panel.

Electromechanieal device, bearings are processed by waterproof antirust, service life is higher .

Machine’s electronic control have overload, with Iow pressure, flow default phase proration, if any above fault arise, equipment will be automatically stop, and emergency braking to get the best production safety protection.

Technical Data:

wpc door panel sanding machine
Model No.2213221022092206
Working Width1300mm1000mm900mm600mm
Working Thickness2.5-80mm2.5-80mm2.5-80mm2.5-80mm
Size of Abrasive Belt (W*P)1320*2200mm1020*2200mm920*1620mm620*1560mm
Working Air Pressure0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa0.5MPa
Abrasive belt speed20、18m/s20、18m/s20、18m/s18、11m/s
Feeding speed4-30m/min4-30m/min4-30m/min4-30m/min
Total Motor Power58.62kw47.12kw28.62kw21.22kw
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)2100*2530*19802100*1560*21001900*1460*18001900*1100*1800
Net Weight3300kg2600kg1700kg1400kg