High Speed Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

High Speed Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine can produce PP PE PVC PA Corrugated Pipes at Max.20-25m/min.

High Speed Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

High Speed Corrugated Pipe Machine is developed on the basis of our original single-wall corrugated pipe machine.

The moulds are moved by gear on the runway. It is equipped with specially designed water cooling sealing system, and the lubrication oil can be injected automatically.

In the forming machine, for small sizes mould, it can be set with two mould chambers which can make two different sizes of pipes only by adjusting the height of forming machine automatically.

All these features improve the production speed of single wall corrugated pipes to a great extent, which can reach 20-25m/min.

High Speed Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine Model:

Pipe diameter rangeID5-OD14mmID9mm-OD50mm
Model of extruderSJ45BSJ65B
Production capacity20-30kg/h60-80kg/h
Power of extruder7.5KW30KW
Power of forming machine1.1KW4KW
Pairs of modules63 pairs72pairs
Cooling modewater coolingwater cooling
Production speed10-20m/min20-25m/min

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Process:

single wall corrugated pipe machine

Single Screw Extruder with vacuum feeder and dryer hopper

Die Head and Core Bar And Mould

single wall corrugated pipe die head and core bar
single wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine manfuacturer
corrugated pipe forming machine

Corrugated Pipe Forming Machine (Corrugator)

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

Winder / Coiler

single position winder and double position winder

TONGSAN is a leading manufacturer of Platic Corrugated Pipe Machine Manufacturer in China.

Our corrugated pipe machine adopt Italy Technology.