China PE Drain Pipe Extrusion Machine

TONGSAN Factory is one of the China PE HDPE Drain Pipe Extrusion Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers.

PE Drain Pipe has several type, it including PE Flexible Single Wall Corrugated Pipe, HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe, Solid Wall HDPE PE Pipe and HDPE Krah Pipe etc

Single Wall PE HDPE Flexible Corrugated Drain Pipe Extrusion Equipment

This machine can produce Perforated Plastic PE DrainCorrugated Pipe with holes, which could be used in Garden Drainage.

plastic drainage pipe machine

PE HDPE Flexible Corrugated Pipe Production Line Model

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE PE double wall corrugated drain pipe machine  adopts two high efficiency screw extruders to extruding the inner smooth layer and outside corrugated layer.

HDPE PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe is widely used in the underground drainage and sewage water system.

PE Drain Pipe Machine

TONGSAN Factory HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Drain Pipe Production Line Model

Pipe diameter (mm)50-110mm63-250mm
extruder modelSJ-65/33+SJ-65/30SJ-90/30+SJ-75/30
Die head,mould50-110MM50-250mm
Forming machine modelSBGC-110SBGC-250
Non-dust cutting machineSGQ110SGQ-250
Line Speed3-4m/min2-5m/min

20-630mm HDPE PE Solid Type Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

TONGSAN HDPE PE Solid Pipe Extrusion Machine can produce 20-630mm HDPE PE Drainage Pipes as well as Water and Gas Supply Pipes.

Diameter(mm)Model Main motor powerMarking line machine modelMax.output(kg/h)
Φ315-630SJ-120 B 250kwSJ-30/30500-550
HDPE pipe extrusion line

HDPE Krah Pipe Production Line

HDPE PE Krah corrugated drain drainage sewage pipe extruder machine can produce customized corrugated pipe just exchange die mould and forming machine and necessary machine parts.

HDPE Krah Drain Pipe Extrusion Machine

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