plastic cardboard making machine

Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Sheet Making Machine

Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Sheet Making Machine can produce corrugated plastic sheets, palstic cardboard for advertising, packaging, printing, floor protection etc filed.

plastic cardboard making machine
corrugated plastic sheet application

Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Sheet Extrusion Process

Feeding System Screw Feeding System is special designed for mixing recycled material and filler.

plastic corrugated cardboard extruder

Single Screw Extruder

Special Designed Screw Structure, Long L/D Ratio, 36:1. Uniform Plasticization, Can add more than 60% Filler

  • Screen Changer Tongsan use 4 Plate Circulation screen changer, it can achieve non stop screen changing, it will improve production efficiency, save cost
  • Melt Pump (According to customer requirement)


Special Designed for Corrugated Plastic Sheet, Easy mould Adjustment

corrugated plastic sheet machine

Calibration Table

Advanced Vacuum System, high speed calibration. confirm the sheet surface flat

corrugated plastic cardboard sheet making machine

Haul Off machine

1st haul off machine adopt 6 pairs roller, 2nd haul off machine use 3 pairs roller , roller use high quality rubber

  • Annel Oven
  • Corona Machine
corrugated plastic sheets machine


PLC Control, Servo Motor

Corrugated Plastic Cardboard Sheet Extrusion Machine Model and Parameters:

Max.Sheet Width1250mm1700mm2150mm2450mm2800mm
Sheet Thickness2-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6, 8-12
Max Output(kg/h)170-190kg/h190-250260-300300-350400-450kg/h
Motor Power(KW)75-9090-110110-132132-160132-185