PP hollow sheet making machine

1220mm PP hollow sheet machine

1220mm PP hollow sheet  extrusion machine

This 1220mm width PP hollow sheet machine can produce 900-1220mm PP hollow sheet.

It adopts LSJ-100/36 extruder.

PP hollow sheet machine

extruder: LSJ-100/36, Siemens PLC control, ABB inveter, Siemens Beide Motor

pp hollow sheet extruder machine

Screen Changer: 4 plate circulation, non stop work    

T-Die and Calibrating Plate:  Famous Brand in China

PP hollow sheet machine

Calibrating table: the most advanced design, unique vacuum system, easy to operate

PP hollow sheet making machine

Haul off machine   the first haul off 6 pair rollers   Second haul off 3 pair rollers   It use imported Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, the rubber thickness is thick than  other supplier.

PP hollow sheet extrusion machine

Air cooling deviceCutting machine and stacker

PP hollow sheet making machine

TS-1400 model machine, can produce max. 1220mm PP hollow sheet, machine running on Chinaplas

PP corflute sheet machine

PP Hollow Sheet Machine Model

Max.Sheet Width1250mm1700mm2150mm2450mm2800mm
Sheet Thickness2-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6, 8-12
Max Output(kg/h)170-190kg/h190-250260-300300-350400-450kg/h
Motor Power(KW)75-9090-110110-132132-160132-185