PP Coroplast Sheets Production Line

Tongsan is PP  Coroplast Sheets  Production Line Manufacturer in China. Our machine can produce 1200-2800mm Coroplast sheet, which can be used in printing, advertising, packaging, etc field.

PP coropalst sheet production  line features

PP coroplast sheet production lineDescription
extruderSingle screw extruder

90/36; 100/36;120/36,150/36

Extruder Motor55-132KW
Line Speed2-6m/min
T-Die1000-3000mm width, 2-6mm, 5-10mm 8-12mm thickness
First Haul-off Equipment6 pairs roller, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber,
Annealing Oven2 Sets
Corona Treater1set
Edge CutterEdge trimming knives, 2set
Second Haul-off Equipment3 pairs
SlitterAccording to customer requirement, equipped with 6-12 knives
Automatic Stacker1set

PP Coroplast Sheet Production Line Model

Max.Sheet Width1250mm1700mm2150mm2450mm2800mm
Sheet Thickness2-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6,8-122-6, 8-12
Max Output(kg/h)170-190kg/h190-250260-300300-350400-450kg/h
Motor Power(KW)75-9090-110110-132132-160132-185