corrugated plastic pipe extruder machine

PP PE PVC Flexible Corrugated Pipe Machine

GSDBGZ high speed PP PE PVC Flexible Corrugated Pipe Machine  is developed on the basis of our original single-wall corrugated pipe machine.

single wall corrugated pipe machine

The moulds are moved by gear on the runway. It is equipped with specially designedwater cooling sealing system, and the lubrication oil can be injected automatically.

In the forming machine, for small sizes mould, it can be set with two mould chambers which can make two different sizes of pipes only by adjusting the height of forming machine automatically.

All these features improve the production speed of single wall corrugated pipes to a great extent, which can reach 20m/min.

Besides, the production line is equipped with pre-stress eliminating cooling device, automatic tapping machine in production line and automatic coiling machine, and it is especially suitable for the production of car harness corrugated pipes.


High Speed Single wall corrugated pipe extruder machine manufacturing process:

Auto loader-extruder(LSJ-65 for PP PE PA; SJSZ-51/105 for pvc powder)-mould-corrugator-winder

High Speed single wall corrugated plastic pipe production line technical parameters:

Pipe Diameter range8-58mm
Extruder ModelSJ-65
Screw L/D30:1
Production Capacity60-80kg/h
Power of extruder30KW
Power of forming machine4KW
Quantity of Mould Pairs72Pairs
Cooling wayWater cooling
Production Speed20-25m/min
Coiling ModeAutomatically