PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine

PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine

PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine can produce single layer PPR pipe, and multi layer PPR glass fiber pipe. These pipes are widely used in Hot and Cold water supply.

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

TONGSAN PPR Pipe/PPR Glass Fiber Pipe Extrusion Machine Features

1. This production line aim at the characteristic of the PPR pipes.

2. It adopts high efficiency single screw extruder can equipped with the Siemens PLC controlling system

(3) It can realize the whole line automatic controlling of high capacity, stable extruding with the suitable changing of different units could realize the production job of PE-RT, PEX pipe.

PPR pipe

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line Model:

Diameter rangeφ16-φ32φ20-φ63φ20-φ110
capacity (kg/h)60120220
air pressure(≥0.6MPa) (m3/h)
cooling water flow rate (m3/h)234
total power (kw)4580145
dimension (mm)20000*3000*160026000*3500*175035000*4000*1750
weight (kg)350040004500