Plastic Flexible Corrugated Pipe Production machine

PVC Corrugated Pipe Machine

PVC Corrugated Pipe Machine can produce PVC Corrugated Pipes for Electric Conduit. Material can use PVC granule or PVC Powder.

Plastic PVC Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Equipment can not only produce PVC Corrugated Pipes, But also produce PP PE Corrugated Pipes by changing the extruder.

single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line

PVC Corrugated Pipe has features of strong thermo-stability, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high intensity, good flexibility, etc.

PVC Corrugated Pipe is widely applied in many fields such as electrical thread-passing pipes, circuit of machine tool, protective pipe of lamps etc.

Single Wall Flexible Corrugated Pipe Machine Video

PVC Corrugated Pipe Production Line Model

Pipe diameter range(mm) 9-32 16-50 9-50
(PVC Powder)
Main machine model SJ-50 SJ-65 SJSZ-51/105
Main machine l/d 28:1 28:1
Production capacity
40 80 80-100
Main motor capacity
15 30 30
Pair of modules 50 50 50-72
Cooling mode  Water cooling and fan cooling
Production (m/min) 5-12 4-10 5-20
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