PVC edge banding machine

PVC Edge Banding Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC edge banding sheet  extrusion line can be used to produce PVC sheet and PVC edge band sheet, which can be used as decoration sheet, packaging sheet etc.

PVC edge banding sheet extrusion line

PVC  edge banding sheet extrusion line adopt sheet extrusion, it produce 400-600mm PVC sheet, and then slitting it into small pieces by slitting machine.

Before slitting, the surfaced could be processed by 3 color printing machine, and UV coating machine.

advantages of the sheet extrusion PVC edge banding extrusion line

Compared with the profile extrusion PVC edge band machine, the pvc edge banding sheet extrusion line can produce different width and thickness PVC edge banding by sltting , it save the cost of the mould.

And the capacity is large than the profile extrusion pvc edge banding machine.

disavantage of the pvc edge banding sheet extrusion line

It has high cost than the profile extrusion machine

PVC edge banding sheet manufacturering process

raw material mixing-conical twin screw extruder-T-die-3 roller calender-cooling frame-Gluing device-haul off machine-cutting machine- double position winder-3 color printing machine/UV coating machine-slitting machine