PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line

PVC Free Foam Sheet Production Line can produce PVC free foam sheet, which consists of Conical twin screw extruder, T-Die, three roller calender, cooling frame, tractor,cutting machine and stacker.

PVC foam sheet extrusion line

PVC free foam sheet production  line model

PVC sheet width (mm)122015602050
Board thickness (mm)1 – 181 – 121 – 10
Maximum capacity (kg/h)400kg/h400kg/h400kg/h
Main motor power (kw)75kw75kw75kw

PVC free foam sheet manfuacturing process

Mixer-Extruder-T-Die-3 roller calender-cooling frame-edge trimming–haul off-cutting-stacker

PVC free foam sheet application

PVC free foam sheet is widely used in bus and train roofing, core layer of box, advertisment board, decoration board, furniture board, construction decoration material, advertisement board, upholstery for train, exhibition board, etc

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