Styrene HIPS Sheet Extruder Machine

Styrene HIPS Sheet Extruder Machine can produce styrene sheets which  used for indoor signs and lithographs, prototypes, packaging, and toys

Styrene HIPS Sheet Extruder Machine

Styrene HIPS Sheet Manufacturing Process:

Dehumidifying dryer-Single Screw Extruder-Screen Changer and Melt Pump-3 roller calendar- Cooling bracket- Haul Off- Cutte-Stacker

Styrene HIPS Sheet Extruder
Styrene HIPS Sheet Extrusion Machine

Features of Styrene HIPS Sheet Board Production Line:

  • Extruder adopt Long L/D Ratio, 38:1, ABS material fully plasticization in the extruder.
  • High quality screen changer can achieve fast screen changing, Remove impurity from Acrylic Material
  • Melt Pump provide uniform pressure when Acrylic material extruded to T-Die
  • High Quality T Type die head with advanced design, can adjust the thickness range easily.
  • 3 Roller Calendar roller equipped with temperature controlling device. The gaps of three rollers can be adjusted manually and automatically. It has emergency stop function to ensure safety.
  • Transverse cutting machine: It adopts cylinder clamping, moving cutting and speed frequency regulator to guarantee the cutting speed synchronize with plate production speed. It is adopted alloy saw blade, and is equipped with dust absorption device.
  • All the electrical parts adopt famous brand, low noise, and save electricity.

HIPS Styrene Sheet Extruder Machine Extrusion Machine Model

Extruder ModelSJ-90, SJ-120
Sheet Width700-1600mm