WPC Door Panel Laminating Machine

WPC Door Panel Laminating Machine can laminate film on WPC Door Panel. It has different laminating method, such as Hot Glue PUR Laminating Machine, Cold Glue Laminating Machine and Vacuum Laminating Machine.

Customer can choose the laminating machine according to market requirement.

WPC Door Panel Laminating Machine
WPC Lamination Door

Brief Introduction of WPC Door Panel Hot Glue PUR Laminating Machine

1.Mainly used for 3-80 mm thickness of PVC sheet, wood-plastic plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, MDF, aluminum honeycomb panels, such as the surface of the color film coating, machine coated polyurethane

2.The machine is mainly used for surface laminating on PVC windowsill, PVC and WPC Door Board.

3.The machine is equipped with automatic dust cleaning system, coating affinity agent device, profile preheating device, automatic shaving device, intelligent film tension control device etc.

Technical Data of WPC Door Laminating Machine

Heating Power8KW8KW
Driving Power3.7KW3.7KW
Laminating Width50-1300mm50-700mm
Laminating HeightMax.125mmMax.125mm