WPC Extrusion Process

Nowadays, waste plastic has been a big trouble for the world, how to turn waste plastic into useful products. Make a green earth?

In this article, mainly introduce how to turn waste PP/PE to Wood Plastic Composite Profile, Such as WPC Decking, Railing, Fencing, Pillar etc.

WPC extrusion process

Complete Process and Machine list for WPC PE Profile Production

ItemMachine nameNotes
01Plastic wastage recycling machine making PP PE plastic wastage into plastic flakes
02Wood powder making machinemaking fiber material into 40-100mesh wood powder
03WPC mixing machinemixing plastic and wood and chemicals, the wood powder content can be 60-70%
04WPC granulation machine (PVC Wood Product no need)making mixed material into uniform WPC granules with good composition
05WPC profile extrusion linemaking WPC granules into required wpc products, manufacturer can change mold to make different products with different size and shape
06Embossing machinemaking wooden grain on the wpc surface
07Sanding machinemaking wood cutting section feeling on the wpc surface
08brushing machinemaking wood skin feeling on the wpc surface
09Cutting machinecutting wpc products into required length
10WPC installation toolsinstalling wpc products into required construction according to the application requirements

PP PE Film Bottle Crushing Washing Line

Wood Powder Making Machine

WPC Pelletizing Machine

WPC PE Profile Extrusion Machine

WPC PVC Door Frame Extrusion Machine

WPC PVC Door Board Extrusion Line

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