WPC Door Frame Machine

WPC PVC Door Frame Extrusion Machine

WPC Door Frame Extrusion Machine use PVC and Wood Powder Mixed Material, It can produce hollow type and solid type door frame profile. The surface could be with ASA co-extrusion or hot stamping/ Laminating.

WPC PVC Door Frame

WPC PVC Door Frame Profile Extrusion Line Machine List

Auto feeder1 set
SJMS65/132 conical double screw extruder1 set
Die and mold 
Calibrating Table1 set
Haul  off machine1 set
Cutting machine1 set
Product stacker1 set

Detailed Description of the WPC PVC Door Frame Extrusion Machine

Feeding machine

The Material should be mixed by mixing machine according to our formula.

the mixed material shall be put into a auto feeding tank, and then feeded to the extruder.


We equip the SJMS65/132 conical double screw extruder for WPC solid door frame making.

the extrusion capacity can be 150-240 kg per hour.

the main motor power is 37kw with ABB inverter.

the extruder equipped with Vacuum exhuasting system for moisture.

WPC PVC  Door Frame Extruder


You can change mold to make different products with different size and shape.

and the calibrators shall be cooled by water cooling and vacuum cooling.

Calibrating Table

The product should be cooled and calibrated in the calibrating machine.

WPC PVC Door Frame Making Machine

Haul off machine

the Haul off machine is used for clamping the product to moving forward.

Strong force haul off machine with high quality rubber caterpillar is necessary for making WPC door frame

Cutting machine

automatic cutting machine with fixed length cutting.

with cutting dust clean and suction device

WPC PVC Door Profile Extrusion Line Manufacturer

Auto stacker

Length: 6 meter

material: stainless steel

equipped with length limit switch

HEGU WPC PVC Door Frame Production Line

Formulation of WPC PVC Door Frame Machine

ItemMaterial nameMixing Ratio
01PVC resin100 kgs
02wood powder25-40 kgs
03CaCo340 kgs
04Chemical additivesaround 15 kgs

Machine Video:

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