ABS Sheet Board Extrusion Machine

ABS Sheet and Board Extrusion Machine can produce ABS Sheet and Board for Vacuum Forming, Thermoforming, Door Panel, Automotive, Refrigerator Liner etc field.

Product width: 1220-2000mm.

ABS Sheet Extrusion Machine

Firstly: Plastic ABS Sheet Extrusion Process:

Dehumidifier-Single Screw Extruder- Screen Changer-Melt Pump-Mould -3 Roller Calendar-Online Laminating Device- Cooling bracket-Haul Off-Cutting Machine-Stacker

Gernerally, this Extrusion Machine can produce single layer ABS Sheet and Multi layer co-extrusion sheet by add co-extruder and distributor.

Secondly:Features of this Production Line:

  • Above all, Extruder adopt Long L/D Ratio, 36:1, ABS material fully plasticization .
  • High quality screen changer can achieve fast screen changing, Remove impurity from ABS material
  • Melt Pump provide uniform pressure when ABS material extruded to T-Die
  • Further, high Quality T Type die head with advanced design, can adjust the thickness range easily.
  • What’s more, 3 Roller Calendar roller equipped with temperature controlling device.
  • Besides, Cutting machine adopts cylinder clamping, moving cutting and speed frequency regulator to guarantee the speed synchronize with plate production speed.
  • All the electrical parts adopt famous brand, low noise, and save electricity.
ABS Sheet Extruder
ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

Third: Our ABS Sheet/Board Extrusion Line Model

  TS-1200 TS-1600 TS-2000
Extruder Model LSJ-90/36 LSJ-120/36 LSJ-130/36  
Width 1200mm 1600mm 2000mm
Thickness 1-6mm 1-6mm 1-6mm

In a word, Finding High Quality ABS Sheet Extrusion Line, Please contact us freely.