PP PE Sheet Board Extrusion Line-Manufacturer in China

PP PE Sheet and Board Extrusion Machine Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Machine can produce 1200-2000mm width, 1-16mm thickness PP PE Sheet and Board which is widely used in Chemical, Stationary, Construction, Water Treatment etc field.

PP PE Sheet Extrusion Process:

Single Screw Extruder- Screen Changer-T Type Doe Head-3 Roller Calendar – Cooling bracket-Haul Off-Cutting Machine-Stacker

PP PE Sheet Machine

PP PE Sheet Production Line Features:

1.Single Screw Extruder

PP PE Sheet Extruder adopts specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system to ensure the good plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

2.Screen Changer and Mould

The quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short course of screen changing without material-leakage.     

Reasonable structure of mould should be chosen in terms of material, whereas moulds of clothes-rack mode are widely accepted to regulate flow-distribution and guarantee even thickness of PP PE sheet and board

3 Roller Calendar

Roller Calendar of PP PE Sheet Making Machine equipped with roller temperature controlling device, the space of three roller can be adjusted manually and automatically, it has the function of emergency cut off ensure safety.

4.  Cutting Machine

    Transverse cutting machine: It adopts cylinder clamping, moving cutting and speed frequency regulator to guarantee the cutting speed synchronize with plate production speed. It is adopted alloy saw blade, and is equipped with dust absorption device

PP PE Sheet and Board Applications:

PP Sheet &Board

    PP Sheet and Board have good health properties, low density, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, temperature characteristics, is currently green products. It can be widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, antiseptic industry, clean industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry.

PE sheet& Board

PE Sheet and Board are widely used in luggage lining, garment collar lining, pad and building decoration materials and water treatment engineering materials, etc.

PP PE Sheet Extrusion Machine Model

  TS-1200 TS-1600 TS-2000
Extruder Model LSJ-90/33;
Sheet Width 1200mm 1600mm 2000mm
Sheet Thickness 1-8mm;