Black Color PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

Black Color PVC Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine can produce PVC Pipe, UPVC Pipes for water supply and drainage, and electric conduit etc application.

Black Color PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

PVC Plastic Plumbing Pipe Making Machine UPVC Pipe Production Process:

Material Mixing-Extruder-Mould-Vacuum Calibrating Tank-Water Cooling Tank-Haul Off Machine-Cutting Machine-Stacker

Plastic PVC Black Pipe Extrusion Machine Model:

Model Pipe range (mm)extruders  Max. output (kg/h)Total power (kw)length (m)
TS-50*2 16-50SJSZ55/11015060w20m
TS-315160-315SJSZ 80/156400160w28m
TS-450250-450SJSZ 92/188700200w36m
Black Color PVC Pipe Extruder
Black Color PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

How to choose PVC UPVC Plastic Plumbing Pipe Production Line:

  1. What is the diameter range of the PVC pipe.
  2. What is the application of the PVC pipe.

Water supply or drainage, or electric conduit.

It is important to provide the standard you use.

Or Wall thickness/Pressure Ratings.

 We will provide solution according your requirement.

We will provide you formulation according to the PVC pipe application.

Auxiliary Machines for PVC Pipe

  1. Belling Machine
  2. Printing Machine
  3. Threading Machine
  4. Slotting Machine