Polyethylene PE HDPE Black Water Pipe Extruder Machine

Polyethylene PE HDPE Black Water Pipe Extruder Machine can produce 20-630mm HDPE Gas and Water Pipes.

Polyethylene PE HDPE Black Water Pipe Extruder Machine

HDPE Black Water Pipe Extrusion Line Features:

1. High speed, big capacity and low power consumption up to 10%

2. Achieved co-extrusion with 1-3 layers.

3. High speed calibration and good cooling effect with spiral mould structure design and special pipe inner cooling system

4. High speed material feeding with special spiral groove feeding design and outside water jacket cooling

5. Excellent shearing, mixing and stable extrusion with professional barrier type screw, creative shearing and mixing design.

 HDPE Black Water Pipe Extrusion Machine

HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Machine Model

ModelScrew DiameterL/DPipe Range (mm)Motor Power (kw)Total Power (kw)Line Length (M)

Polyethylene PE Black Water Pipe Production Line Details:

black water pipe extruder

Single Screw Extruder

adopts long L/D, high efficiency screw, high extrusion capacity, uniformed plasticization

HDPE pipe machine


spiral type, good calibrating makes good quality pipe production.

Polyethylene Black Water Pipe extrusion Machine

Vacuum calibrating tank and water spraying cooling tank
adopts advanced water circulation, high pressure cooling system, installed with vacuum degree adjusting device and automatic water temperature and water level controlling system.

 HDPE Black Water Pipe production line

Haul Off Machine

Cutting Machine