HDPE Foam Outdoor Furniture Profile Making Machine

HDPE foam profile production machine can produce different size HDPE PE profiles.

These profiles are widely used in outdoor furniture making, such as outdoor recliner, Chairs and Bench.

HDPE foam profile making machine

HDPE Foam Profile Production Process

Single Screw Extruder –Mould- Calibrating Table-Haul off and Cutter-Stacker

HDPE Foam Profile Making Machine Features:

Single Screw Extruder

Special Design Screw For HDPE foam material, Adopt high quality motor and gear box.

HDPE PE Profile Extruder


According to the material characteristics, the mould is well designed.

Calibrating Table

The vacuum calibrating system and water cooling system is well designed, confirm the profile quality and production speed.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture Profile making machine

Haul off and Cutter


Outdoor furniture, Chairs, bench samples:

Plastic Chairs
Plastic recliner

HDPE Foam Profile Extrusion Line Model

Drive Motor45kw75KW