WPC PVC wall cladding panel machine

WPC PVC Interior Fluted Wall Cladding Panel Extrusion Machine

WPC PVC Interior Wall Cladding Machine can produce fluted wall panel for indoor room decoration.

After extrusion, it also need film laminating to get beautiful surface.

 pvc wall cladding machine
WPC PVC  wall cladding

WPC PVC Fluted Wall Panel Extrusion Process:

Material Mixing-Conical double screw extruder- Wall Panel Mould-Calibrating Table-Haul off and Cutting machine-Stacker

Advantages of WPC Interior Wall Cladding

1 Eco-friendly made from recycled plastics and non-virgin wood.

2 Highly termite resistant, waterproof.

3 Timber like finish foran excellent non-slip feel.

4 No staining or painting required.

5 Water and corrosion resistant, alkali-proof, moth-proof,stainable and malleable, low pollution risk and odor-free.

6 Easy to install and clean.

WPC PVC wall panel machine details:

WPC wall panel extruder

SJSZ-65/132 Conical Double Screw Extruder

 Bimetallic coated screw, Jiangyin or Guomao etc Chinese famous brand gear box, Delta or ABB inverter control

PVC WPC wall cladding Mould

 3Cr17 material, with calibrator and water tank

Well designed vacuum and water channel make sure the wall panel good calibrating and faster speed.

WPC wall cladding machine
WPC PVC wall cladding panel extrusion machine

Vacuum Calibration Table

6m length, with vacuum pump and water pump, vacuum pipe and water pipe is reasonable designed.

Haul Off and Cutting Machine and Stacker

pvc wall cladding machine

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