Polycarbonate PC Hollow Profile Multiwall Sheet Making Machine

Polycarbonate PC Hollow Profile Multiwall Sheet Making Machine

Polycarbonate Hollow Profile Sheet Machine can produce 2100mm width twin wall or multi wall PC sheet, it is widely used as roofing sheet, sidewalls, sunshine board etc.

Polycarbonate PC Hollow Sheet Machine

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Applications:

Twin Wall Multiwall PC Hollow Profile sheet are extensively used in buildings such as roofing, domes, skylights, car ports, swimming pool, sunrooms, railway station, greenhouses; sidewalls; warehouse roofing and stadium. All these places require sunlight without harmful UV rays.

Also suitable for illuminated signs and advertising panels.

PC Hollow Sheet Production Process and Machine list

No.Machine nameMoldQty.
1Loader with dryer system  
2Sing screw extruderSJ-120/361 set
3Single screw extruder for UVSJ-45/301 set
4Screw changer1501 set
5Metering  pump 1set
6Distributor 1set
7Extrusion mold2300MM1 set
8Vacuum forming machine2300MM1 set
96 roller haul off machine 1 set
10Edge trimming Unit 1set
12Double position protection film coating machine 1 set
13Three -roll haul off machine 1 set
14Transverse Cutter 1 set
15Belt conveyor 1set
16Stacker2200MM*1500MM1 set
17Electric Cabinet 1set

Polycarbonate Multiwall Twin Wall Hollow Sheet Extrusion Machine Details:

LSJ-120/36 Single Screw Extruder for Polycarbonate Material

Special design screw structure for PC material

36:1 Long L/D ratio, let material fully melted

Jiangyin or Guomao etc Chinese famous brand gear box

Flender brand also available

Siemens or WEG Motor

Delta or ABB inverter Control

LSJ-45/30 Single Screw Extruder for UV Layer


Calibrating Table

Advanced Vacuum System, high speed calibration. confirm the sheet surface flat

Haul Off Machine

2 pairs, 1st 6 pairs roller , 2nd 3 pairs roller, adopt high quality rubber


Stainless Steel Body

Fast heating and good insulation, can save electricity

Cutter and Stacker