PP corrugated sheet die cutting machine

PP Corrugated Box Making Machine

PP Corrugated Box Making Machine including Extrusion, Cutting, Printing, Welding and Riveting Machines. Our factory is manufacturer and supplier of PP Corrugated Box Machine in China.

We can provide complete process for PP Corrugated Box (vetetable box, fruit box, seafood box and other kinds packaging boxes)

PP Corrugated Box

In the PP Corrugated Box Manufacturing Process, Below Machines are required:

PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Machine to produce different width and thickness of PP Corrugated Sheet

 Corrugated Plastic  Sheet Machine
PP Corrugated Sheet Machine

Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

Plastic Corrugated Box Manufacturing Machine

PP Corrugaed Sheet Printing Machine

PP Corrugated Sheet Printing Machine
Plastic Corrugated Box Ultrasonic welding machine
Ultrasonic Welding Machine

According to different box and requirement, there are different type of above machines to choose, Who want to produce PP Corrugaed Box, Welcome contact us for more communication.

PP Corrugated Box Manufacturing Process