PVC pipe manufacturing machine

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Process And Production Machine

PVC pipe manufacturing Machine and Process:

PVC pipe is widely used in water supplyer and drainage, electric conduit etc,

How is PVC pipe been Manufactured ?

Here i will introduce the formulation of PVC Pipe, Manufacturing Process and Processing Machine and Recycling of PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe Manufactruing Process and Machine

Step 1: Mixing Material according to Formulation / PVC Mixer

According to the application of PVC pipe and pipe quality requirement and production cost, there are different formulations. below is one formulation for water supply pipe production.

Material nameformula/kg
Calcium carbonate50
Stearic acid0.8
Optical brightener0.03
Titanium dioxide1
PE wax0.2

PVC Mixer

PVC Mixer and Mixing Machine

Step 2: PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine

Plastic PVC Pipe Machine UPVC Pipe Manufacturing Process:

Extruder-Mould-Vacuum Calibrating Tank-Water Cooling Tank-Haul Off Machine-Cutting Machine-Stacker

Features of PVC Pipe Production Machine :

  • Conical twin screw extruder

Bimetallic Coated Screw, Durable, can add more Caco3 to save production cost

PVC Pipe Extruder Machine
  • Die head.

Due to the diameter, it can be single, double and four die head

PVC Pipe Production Line
  • Vacuum Calibrating tank and water cooling tank: Equipped with high quality vacuum pump and water pump. Well designed vacuum and water system design , confirm Good Calibrating Effect.
PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
  • Haul-offs: due to diameter, it can be designing of double, three, four, six, eight caterpillars
  • Cutter: due to diameter, it can be designing of saw cutter or planetary cutter
PVC Pipe Making Machine
  • stacker or automatic belling machine

PVC Pipe Production Machine Model:

Model Pipe range (mm)extruders  Max. output (kg/h)Total power (kw)length (m)
TS-50*2 16-50SJSZ55/11015060w20m
TS-315160-315SJSZ 80/156400160w28m
TS-450250-450SJSZ 92/188700200w36m

2 cavity PVC pipe extrusion line

4 cavity PVC pipe production line

Step3: PVC PIpe Processing Machines

  1. Belling Machine/ Socketing machine
  2. Printing Machine
  3. Threading Machine
  4. Slotting Machine

PVC Pipe Belling Socketing Machine

PVC Pipe Belling Socketing Machine

PVC Pipe Threading Machine

PVC Pipe Threading Machine

PVC Pipe Printer

Step:4 PVC Pipe Recycling Machine

Wasted PVC Pipe will be crushed to small pieces by Crusher, then use Grinder to make it to powder


PVC Pipe Crusher

PVC Grinder / PVC Milling Machine

PVC Milling Machine

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