UPVC Window and Door Profile Production Line

How is PVC UPVC Window and Door Profile Been Produced?

I will introduce the formulation , Extrusion Process, Surface Procssing and Recycled of UPVC Window Door Profiles.

UPVC Window and Door Profile Production Line

Step 1: Mixing Material According to PVC UPVC window door profile formula/ PVC Mixer

According to the quality of the PVC window door profile, the calcium adding percentage are adjustable.Below is one formulation for your reference.

calcium carbonate75
lead stabilizer3
stearic acid0.6
Optical brightener0.06
RutileTitanium dioxide3
ultramarine blue0.02

PVC Hot and Cold Mixer

PVC Mixing Machine

UPVC Window Door Profile Extrusion Machine can produce PVC UPVC profiles for windows and doors.

By absorbing advanced technology from abroad, our company developed the plastic profile extrusion line, which is equipped with conical double screw extruder, and it possesses the advantage of high degree automation, stable performance, high output and efficiency, etc.

Step 2: PVC UPVC window door profile Production Line

By extrusion line and different mould, it can produce different size profiles, such as 60 series, 80 series casement and slidding window and door profile.

UPVC window door profile
PVC window door profiles

PVC window door profile extrusion process:

1. SJSZ-65/132 twin screw xtruder

UPVC window profile extruder

2. LSJ-45/30 co-extruder for ASA layer and Mould

3.Calibrating Table

upvc window profile extrusion machine
upvc window and door profile production line

Haul off cutting machine and stacker

PVC UPVC window door profile extrusion machine

UPVC window and door profile extrusion machine features

PVC powder is used as raw mateiral for producing various sorts of the mentioned plastic profiles as profiles for doors and windows, decorative profiles etc.

As the extrusion lines is optimized designed by referring to the lastest overseas technology, it bears the features of even plasticization, low cutting rate,high output , and long lifespan, etc. 

And it consists of double screw extruder, mould, cacuum sizing platform, tractor, cutting and film coating machine and material stirring bracket. The machine machine is run by alternating current frequency controller or direct current controllable cilicon.

The temperature controlling instrument is introduced from aboard. In addition, the vacuum pumpand traction engine of the auxiliary machines are quality products which can be maintained easily. 

If changed certain screw and mould , this profile extrusion line can directly extrude foaming profiles.

To match with different moulds , the shape fixing platform if 4m,6m,8m, or 11m, etc can be chosen accordingly.

UPVC Window Profile Production Line Model :

ModelProfile Width(mm)ExtruderMax. Capacity(kg/h)Motor power(kW)
YF180180SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/11080-120/120-15018.5/22
YF400400SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55
YF600600SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55

Step3: Surface Processing

UPVC PVC window door profile can do laminating surface or co-extrusion surface .

Step4: Wasted Material Recycling

Wasted PVC Pipe will be crushed to small pieces by Crusher, then use Grinder to make it to powder


PVC Crusher

PVC Grinder

PVC Grinder

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